greenXchange at EXPO Milano


Published on : 09/22/2015
By : Arista Asmawati

KKL-JNFs greenXchange program brings young Israeli and German environmental professionals together to explore various ecological projects and to make a global impact.

greenXchange at EXPO Milano

During September 7-10, greenXchange alumni and new participants visited Expo in Milan, where they got to see the Israel Pavilion and the KKL-JNF compound.  
According to Liri Eitan Drai, the head of the program on behalf of KKL-JNF Israel, “Expo Milan is extremely relevant to the fields that the greenXchangers specialize in. It provided an excellent platform for them to see KKL-JNF in a global perspective, to meet representatives from other countries and to discuss the possibility of future collaborations. We also took advantage of the time between the lectures and meetings to talk about plans for the future and how to intensify cooperation with KKL-JNF.”
The group participated in activities with the KKL-JNF International Mission to the Expo, where they got to meet each other and talk about their work. They also spent a stimulating day at the Expo, where they visited different countries' pavilions, including Israel's, and learned about the fascinating advances made in sustainability and food security. 
The seminar also included workshops, tours, and a trip to a German-Italian-Israeli experimental farm. 
Liri Eitan-Drai summed it up: “Participants were more excited than ever to be part of KKL-JNF’s activities and to create a think tank that will take advantage of their personal and professional expertise to initiate new projects for the benefit of people and the environment.”
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