Arava Open Day 2016


Published on : 01/28/2016
By : Arista Asmawati

Arava Open Day 2016

The annual Arava Open day celebrates its 25th year with a colorful expo on developing agriculture in the heart of the desert.
The annual Arava Open Day celebrated its 25th year with a colorful exhibition that drew crowds from all over Israel and around the world. The tens of thousands of people visiting the Northern and Central Arava R&D station had two days (January 20 - 21) to see the agricultural, residential and tourism developments in the Arava. The KKL-JNF pavilion at the exhibition presented its diverse projects for developing agriculture and sustainable water resources.
About two hundred organizations, entrepreneurs and companies exhibited the latest innovations in the field at the largest agricultural exhibition in Israel: from seed improvement to biological pest control, from tractors to sensors for measuring the growth rate of plants, from irrigation implements to local cultivars of fruits and vegetables.
“This is a celebration of agriculture in Israel and it presents the many aspects of the agricultural sector -the farmers, the companies, the tools and the developments,” said Dr. Eyal Blum, the Mayor of the Central Arava Regional Council. “The conferences and meetings being held during the two days of the exhibition provide an opportunity for getting updated and acquainted with new trends being led by the Arava region in agricultural research and development.”

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