An Interview with Israel Prize Winner Prof. Yossi Katz


Published on : 02/24/2016
By : Arista Asmawati

An Interview with Israel Prize Winner Prof. Yossi Katz

 Gaining a historical perspective of Israel for the present and the future, in a special KKL-JNF interview with Israel Prize Laureate Prof. Yossi Katz
Prof. Yossi Katz from the Department of Geography and Environment at Bar Ilan University, who currently serves as Chair for the Study of the History and Activities of the Jewish National Fund, was awarded this year’s Israel Prize in Geography, Archaeology and Land of Israel Studies. The Israel Prize is the most important and prestigious prize in the State of Israel and is awarded for excellence in different fields. 
In the reasons cited by the committee of judges, they noted that Prof. Katz is an internationally renowned expert in historical geography, and his research has direct and significant implications for national ownership of land

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