Why Israel is the promised land of fintech


Published on : 07/16/2017
By : Arista Asmawati

Why Israel is the promised land of fintech

Israel continues to be at the forefront of tech today. Fintech, especially, has been all the rage these days, it seems all but natural to see Israeli companies to have a strong presence in fintech. There are currently more than 400 startups working in fintech in the country. Many are finding success in this competitive segment.

Payment services provider Payoneer, one of the country’s more established fintech players, registered triple digit year-on-year growth in Asia since 2012. Mobile payments keyboard Paykey and data-driven payments platform Zooz are two other Israeli payments services that are part of KPMG’s top 100 fintech companies.

Insurtech is also on the rise. Earlier this year, startups GetmeIns and Seegnature shared the top prize in JVP’s insurtech competition.

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