WATCH: Trump says it's now kosher to say 'Merry Christmas'


Published on : 12/24/2017
By : Arista Asmawati

In message to US troops and their families, President

WATCH: Trump says it's now kosher to say 'Merry Christmas'

United States President Donald Trump addressed troops via video conference call on Christmas eve, Sunday. During the conversation Trump thanked the members of the military for their service and their families for the sacrifice.

"I just wanted to wish everybody a very very merry Christmas. We can say Christmas again, very proudly. Very very merry Christmas. We are going to have a great year. It's going to be an incredible year. I'm thrilled to bring season greetings on behalf of the first lady and on behalf of my entire family and most importantly on behalf of the American people," said Trump.

Trump went on to describe military families as under-appreciated, calling them the "greatest people on earth."

Trump has said the phrase "Merry Christmas" will be permitted now that he is president, suggesting it was not used by his predecessors.

MSNBC responded to his statements by putting out a video of President Barack Obama repeatedly saying "Merry Christmas" during his tenure.

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