Tu Bishvat tour for English-speaking olim


Published on : 02/01/2018
By : Arista Asmawati

The goal of the cooperative activities between KKL-JNF and Nefesh B'Nefesh is meant to bring together English-speaking immigrants.

Tu Bishvat tour for English-speaking olim

During the week before Tu Bishvat, a group of Nefesh B’Nefesh immigrants toured the Golani nursery with KKL-JNF and experienced planting trees in Israel at Lavi Forest.

As part of the ongoing cooperation between KKL-JNF and Nefesh B’Nefesh to promote activities connecting immigrants from the US, Canada and the UK to Israel, KKL-JNF organized a special tour for new and veteran immigrant families from English-speaking countries.

On an especially rainy Friday (January 26), new and veteran immigrants, who were not deterred by the stormy weather, gathered at the KKL-JNF nursery at the Golani junction. After enjoying a hot cup of tea, the participants embarked on a tour through the nursery with Golani Nursery Director Hirui Amare, who has been working at KKL-JNF for over 20 years.

“There are currently three nurseries in Israel, and this is the northern one. We grow all the seeds for planting trees in forests here in the north, and also for urban spaces like gardens, parks and schools. When the trees are ready for planting, we distribute them to the foresters and to public organizations.”

During the visit, the participants learned about all the stages of growing a tree – from collecting the seeds, to sprouting the seeds in greenhouses under the various conditions necessary for the sprouting process, until planting the saplings in containers. All in all, the nursery produces about 250,000 seedlings annually. At the end of the visit to the nursery, the visitors received a gift in honor of the holiday – a choice from a range of potted herbs ready to for planting in the garden.

From the nursery the group proceeded to nearby Lavi Forest. This forest was planted by KKL-JNF during the 1960s. It spreads out over an area of about 750 acres, and most of the trees are conifers like pines and cypress, along with eucalyptus. The forest offers a number of hiking trails, overnight camping and picnic sites, along with outdoor equipment for the benefit of the general public.

Tzipi Openheimer, Nefesh B’Nefesh northern region coordinator, who immigrated to Israel in 1982, noted that “the goal of our cooperation with KKL-JNF is to strengthen the immigrants’ connection with Israel and with the land. Too often, immigrants don’t learn enough about the land due to the language barrier. Here they have an opportunity to learn with their feet and develop a deeper sense of identity with the state.”

Brian is a veteran immigrant from England who recently became a grandfather. His children stayed overseas, in countries all over the world, while he immigrated to Israel with his wife. “We live on the Carmel, and we originally came from Manchester, so the cold and the rain don’t bother us. We have been in Israel 8 years now, we immigrated in 2010 and very much love being here. We wouldn’t go back to England for anything.’

Read more, see photos of the Nefesh B’Nefesh excursion with KKL-JNF:

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